Software   Solutions
  • Custom Software Development
    ITM Software Solutions specializes in creating personalized management systems
    and Internet solutions
  • We speak your language
    PHP. Dot.net. Java. Prel. Android. iOS.
    You name it. We've done it
  • Optimized Mobile Site
    Creating a strong mobile web presence is critical to doing business in today's world.
  • Smart Solutions

    ITM Software Solutions specializes in providing internet solutions and smart content management systems, custom made. By listening and learning the customer, we are able to build the most appropriate solution, to make sense in your business. 

  • Innovation

    ITM Software Solutions specializes in developing technologies and software solutions for customers who understand that an off-the-shelf software can not satisfy all their needs. The result is a company that operates more efficiently, smoother and more reliable

  • Service and Support

    Work process in ITM including counseling and adjusting marketing and technology solution uniquely for the customer and escorted by a personal project manager ensures efficient workflow specification and quality control taking into account the goals and needs of each client 

  • Click To Call

    Enables your customers to contact you with just the push of a button.

  • social site integration

    Boost customer engagement and loyalty by adding links to your social media pages to your mobile site.

  • sale with paypal

    Let your customers to purchase products and services easily and secure way to pay.

  • Image Sites

    Building image sites for companies and businesses. Marketing needs analysis and image matching solution to the representative in accordance with the Company's practice field. All sites come with a content management system to dynamically update the site by the customer

  • Responsive Sites

    Development responsive websites adjusted depending on the type of device, such as desktop computer, tablet computers and smartphones
    Adapting existing and new sites for accessibility standards

  • B2B commerce sites

    Development of e-commerce and B2B Trading Systems. Implementing merchant capabilities and creating interfaces to related systems such as material handling and transportation systems, inventory management and company management systems 

  • Sponsored Promotion

    The program is designed to support the marketing and sales of new products or services the company wants to promote them in a given time period. Suitable for business owners who are able to meet the financial expenses in the calculation of the proceeds from the sale cost of financing the expected height.

  • Integral Promotion

    The program enables positioning as a quality site who has quality content is an information node. This process promotes the site at a steady pace and gradually improve search engine placement. The program is suitable for companies and organizations that want to benefit from high exposure to highly targeted keywords.

  • Integrated Promotion

    Combining the advantages in promoting long-term integral with immediate exposure in the short term. The program works WIN WIN method such that the level of exposure to organic getting better so limited financial investment in promoting financed.

About Us

ITM Software Solutions specializes in creating personalized management systems and internet solutions. By listening to our clients needs we are able to come up with the perfect custom solution. The result: a more efficient, sleek and reliable organization which implements cutting edge custom solutions. ITM provides a full range of services: management systems, content management, website hosting and design, promotions and SEO. The process includes a full consultation which allows us to truly understand your specific needs and issues. By analyzing the organization we are able to supply our clients with technological orientation, resulting in increased exposure and improved operations. ITM specializes in developing unique, cutting edge solutions to clients who understand that a ready-made item cannot provide to all of their needs.


We build all types of websites for private and commercial clients. ITM website creation is directly overseen by a personal project manager, guaranteeing quality characterization and efficient work which takes all client needs and desires into account. ITM also offers a unique, intuitive content management platform, or you can use your preferred platform instead. ITM also specializes in accessible sites.

Custom Software Development

ITM management systems are all about efficiency in managing your business. From customer relationship management, through POS and personalized queuing systems, all the way to integration between ITM systems and other software used by the client, or even just a simple, friendly content management tool –the solution is right here: personalized and convenient.

Web Advertising and Promotion

A good website needs good advertising. ITM provides several services intended to increase traffic to your site, both organically and via Google AdWords. We also create and manage landing and facebook pages for individuals and businesses. Our services are founded in a prior analysis of client needs, matching each customer with the perfect solution.

Other Services

A multitude of enhancement services, all with the unique, personal ITM touch: full-liability hosting services, personal cloud storage and backup, ITM-developed video streaming (a perfect solutions for anyone wishing to keep content off of public sites), and inbox management –installment, operation and maintenance. 

Mobile Web Site
Creating a strong mobile web presence is critical to doing business in today’s world. Your customers on the go need your site to look great on the small screen of a smartphone, be simple to use and provide all the information they’re looking for up front.

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IT SystemsITM software solutions

Queue management system

Queue management for clinics,
doctors and therapists

Kiosk Management Solution

ITM Kiosk feature striking digital
advertisements, along with an
interactive “consumer area”


Comprehensive system for managing
transportation tasks

Optimized mobile site system

Create a mobile web presence

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